Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Hard Day's Night by Richard Lester

A Hard Day's Night stars that Beatles, but more importantly it stars the energy that they supplied to the world of Rock 'n' Roll for a decade. The picture was made in 1964, the year that The Beatle's made their first shift with the masterpiece Rubber Soul. After this year we would wittness the greatness of their music rise as the innocence of the band and the nation declined rapidly. In his book The Great Movies Roger Ebert states: The innocence of the Beatles and ``A Hard Day's Night'' was of course not to last. Ahead was the crushing pressure of being the most popular musical group of all time, and the dalliance with the mystic east, and the breakup, and the druggy fallout from the '60s, and the death of John Lennon. The Beatles would go through a long summer, a disillusioned fall, a tragic winter. But, oh, what a lovely springtime. And it's all in a movie.

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