Monday, January 14, 2008

2007's Runners-Up

Paris, Je T'aime
A film about falling love, breaking hearts, falling in love again, dying, living, loving, screaming sometimes for no reason...sometimes for a reason, vampires, Oscar Wilde, Muslims, Christians, Comedy, Tragedy, Steve Buschemi and most of all...Paris, the city of love.
Away from Her
Have you ever just let yourself go and be fully consumed by the emotion that a film has layed upon you? If not, watch Away from Her and feel the power of not only Julie Christie's beautiful performance but also the understated and underrated performance of Gorden Pinsent. Watch them as they "redefine the limits of love - as they turn from lovers to strangers."
The touching raunch-fest leaves us with the feeling that we have been touched by true friendship for the first time. It is not often that a raunchy teen comedy can leave its male veiwers with the feeling that someone actually understands their relationships and feelings.
The Hoax
Richard Gere gives a vibrant performance as a man posing as Howard Hughes in the "autobiography" he is writing.
Beautiful, elegant, simple. This Irish musical is so lovely that it is hard to turn away from the grasp of its draw from the opening scene.
Other Notable mentions:
Across the Universe
Sweeny Todd
The Golden Compass
Borne Ultimatum

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