Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saving Private Ryan by Steven Speilberg

In 1998 my father and I went to the cinema where I recieved a violent dose of Historical reality and the single most powerful expirience I've ever had in a theatre. The film was Steven Speilberg's Saving Private Ryan and at 11 years old the film granted me three gifts that I will never be able to show my full appriciation for: A love for film. A love and respect for history. And, the greatness of Tom Hanks. For these reasons and sheer beauty, brutality, poignency, overt messages and subtle ways of telling them I will never forget walking out of theatre 1 at the Jack Loakes theatre at Alpine, North Grand Rapids. If it were not for these powerful memories connected to the film (aforementioned things and other memories I need not mention) the sheer brilliance of Speilberg's film and the looks on the veteran's in the cinema with me would place it near the top of any Great Film list I would ever make...and here it is.

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