Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert Altman

In the infamous words of hip-hop superstar, 50 Cent, "It's yo birtday, we gonna party like it's yo birtday."

Robert Altman was one of the most talented, endearing and enduring filmmakers of the American "New-Hollywood" era.  His films, starting with his break-out 1970 success, M*A*S*H, defined what American filmmaking was all about. There were times when things got out of hand, but that's true of most visionaries. In 2006, shortly after the release of this master's final film, A Prairie Home Companion, Robert Altman passed away. Since then he has been dearly missed by lovers of American cinema.

Here's hoping that his young protege, and Assistant on his final film, Paul Thomas Anderson, can keep up his streak of brilliance and can one day be placed on the same mantle as Robert Altman.

For those not familiar with Altman's work here is a list of my favorite Altman films: McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Nashville, 3 Women, The Player, Short Cuts, M*A*S*H, A Prairie Home Companion.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Altman (1925-2006) And, happy birthday.

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