Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peeping Tom by Michael Powell

Michael Powell's Peeping Tom is one of the most troubling and beautiful films I have ever seen in my life. For those who've not seen it - its a story of a young man who murders women while photographing them for reasons unrevealed here. I would recommend the picture for anyone who can handle a well-crafted film that is disturbing. While talking about the art of film direction Martin Scorsese said that "there are two films that a person needs to watch to understand directing. Fellini's 8 1/2 and Powell's Peeping Tom because it really shows how you must be willing to alter a person's will to the artistic vision."


Weaverman said...

The film is a total knock out - a truly disturbing masterpiece, a horror film, a treatise on film directing, a voyeuristic treat. It's full of so many little in=jokes for the movie fan yet remains a totally serious (yet far from unhumerous)classic. I've been to a couple of the locations and have actually been in the shop where Bohm takes his naughty pics.
Last time I was there it was a record shop. The opening scene with the prostitute was filmed a few yards away.

Cerpts said...

Oddly enough, I saw PEEPING TOM before I had ever seen ANY of the Powell and Pressburger films. I can't understand why the film got the reaction it did and essentially ended Powell's career. What, it made people uncomfortable?!? Isn't that one of the functions of art? I suppose most people prefer to see a movie that doesn't make them think or work at all. I like those movies as much as the next guy but I still prefer to have a movie like PEEPING TOM which is startling, original and beautifully made -- and it makes you pay attention. Extremely well worth seeing for anyone interested in film.